Harvest of Hope Pantry
Direct Donations Now Available

Donating to the Pantry via Faith Direct or Colorado Gives?

We now have the opportunity for you to directly donate to the Pantry, every month!

Why the switch? 

First – With other platforms, we don’t get your donation for 1-2 months. 30-60 days is a long time in the life of a food pantry.  When you donate directly to the Pantry, we put your dollars to work right away. We buy milk, butter, meat and fresh veggies…the things we don’t get from food drives. 

Second, we can actually LOWER our internal costs when you donate directly to the Pantry. We don’t have to manage other platforms — that means we use less volunteer time, and less of our paid staff time tracking incoming donations from outside sources. 

And finally, when you donate directly with us, we can stay in touch! We can keep you in the loop on our successes, show you how your donations are helping people, and share our events and celebrations throughout the year.

Giving directly just makes sense. You know how much of an impact you already make in feeding the hungry, making this simple switch, takes it one step further! 

Check out the quick step-by-step instructions.

It only takes a few minutes and we are here to help if you have questions. Thanks again for your support!