How We Give Hope to the Boulder Community

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Since 2012, Harvest of Hope Pantry has been offering two main types of programming, five days a week (M-F) — weekly shopping for those with kitchens and daily shopping for those without kitchens.

Weekly shoppers (meaning they can utilize the Pantry one time per week) are Boulder residents with kitchens who can shop for perishable items like dairy and meat. The amount with which these participants leave is dependent upon the number of people in their household/family. We require proof of residence and number of household members when individuals register to be a weekly shopper. Through this program, we serve both individuals and families.

Daily shoppers (meaning they can come once a day), are individuals without kitchens, or people experiencing homelessness. Daily shoppers can also use the Harvest of Hope mailing address, so they can receive documents like identification cards and official mail, and have an address to use for job and assistance applications..