Harvest of Hope Pantry
2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

Dear Supporters and Friends of Harvest of Hope Pantry,

Our 2023 impact was bigger than ever. Last year, Harvest of Hope distributed 546,249 pounds of food to individuals and families in need in Boulder. Recognizing the increase in need, we added 7 more hours to the weekly shopping schedule. In addition, we eliminated separate shopping times for clients with and without kitchens. Our mobile pantry program that had been suspended during the pandemic, has been successfully relaunched to three locations throughout the Boulder area.

The Pantry’s growth also speaks to the continued challenges of those who we serve.

Our community continues to face an increased cost of living, which hasn’t kept pace with wages. While inflation has leveled out in many sectors, food prices remain high for those already struggling to make ends meet. This contributes to the growing number of individuals seeking assistance from Harvest of Hope Pantry.

It’s important to recognize that our impact extends beyond food assistance. The Pantry is a vital social hub, helping folks connect with others and combat feelings of isolation. Many of our clients and volunteers have repeated this sentiment – fostering a sense of community is just as essential as providing physical nourishment!

One of our clients, Lisa, graciously shared her transformative journey with us. In 2020, Lisa arrived in Boulder burdened by poor health and depression. Despite Boulder’s reputation as a hub for wellness, she struggled to make significant changes. When a check-up revealed her bloodwork was dangerously “in the red” on nearly every metric, she came to a crossroads – make significant lifestyle changes, or live with the risks associated with diabetes. To add an additional blow, in January 2023 Lisa lost her SNAP benefits, a government program that provides food assistance.

Despite the challenges, she persevered, and began to rely on Harvest of Hope as her primary food resource. With newfound determination, Lisa embarked on a journey to reclaim her health. With the variety of food options at Hope Pantry, she was able to adopt a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. The results were astonishing. Within a year, Lisa shed 100 pounds and achieved perfect lab results for the first time in her life!

Lisa’s story is a testament to the transformative power of Harvest of Hope Pantry. Beyond nourishing bodies, we can empower individuals to take control of their well-being. Furthermore, giving individuals choices reinforces the dignity and autonomy of all who walk through our doors. We are grateful to Lisa for allowing us to be a part of her remarkable journey.

As we look ahead, let us reaffirm our commitment to serving our community. Together, we can continue to make an impact in the lives of those in need.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Trent Hein

2023 Harvest of Hope Pantry Board Chair

How We Give Hope to the Boulder Community

Harvest of Hope Pantry is here to relieve the stress of food insecurity for individuals and families in our community. We seek to provide nutritious, supplemental food to anyone in need. 


Shopping Visits in 2023


Food distributed in 2023


Served by our 370 Volunteers

Statement of Financial Activities

Corporate Partners

Interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor of the Pantry?

Contact our Executive Director at Chad.Molter@hopepantry.org

Funding Partners

We are grateful for this special group of supporters that believe in Harvest of Hope Pantry’s mission and they help ensure that we can meet people’s immediate need for nutritious food, provide a sense of hope to Boulder families and individuals by relieving the stress of food insecurity and to respect and uphold the dignity of every person, especially the marginalized and most vulnerable within our community.

Corporate & Foundation Partners:

Atonement Lutheran Church of Boulder
City of Boulder – Department of Housing and Human Services
Community Food Share
Community Foundation Boulder County
Corwin Toyota Boulder
Credit Union of Colorado Foundation
El Pomar Foundation
First Western Trust
Forma Furniture

Fugere Family Foundation
Galnick Family DAF
Gebhardt Automotive , Inc.
Grace Commons Foundation
Grace Lutheran Congregation
Grace Lutheran Foundation
Indra’s Net, Inc.
MAP Fund
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
NJK Photography

Nuf Said Advertising
Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation
The AEC Trust
The Colorado Group, Inc.
The Edmund T & Eleanor Quick Foundation
The Kirr Foundation, Inc.
The Macleod Charitable Foundation Inc.
Western Digital Corporation Fund


Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thabault
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hixson

$10,000 – $24,999

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Barela
Janet Chadwick
Sarah and Chris Cottingham
The Davis Family Charitable Fund
James Family Charitable Fund
Trent & Stephanie Hein
Mr. & Mrs. William McClintock
The David and Sandra Millspaugh Foundation, Inc.

$1,000 – $9,999

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Avery
Jesse & Maria Aweida
Jonathan Barker
Mr. Mel Beauprez
Thomas Bereiter
Michael Bergmann
Mark Bouzek & Deborah Parks
Cheryl & Jeff Brasen
Grace Brockwell
Mrs. Beverly Carrigan
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Chadwick
Tim Christin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Coats
Keith & Kathryn Davis Schwab Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dooley
Mr. Scott Filippini

$1,000 – $9,999

Joshua Firestone
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Foley
Joe Fontaine
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Freece
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond French
Mr. Jacob Friedlein
Galnick Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gansecki
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gribbon
Patrick & Michelle Hillmeyer Family Fund
The Hixson Family Charitable Fund
The Macleod Charitable Foundation Inc.
Ms. Mary Jungerman
Mr. Lewis Kendall
Michael King & Diana King
Mr. & Mrs. Michael King
Maria & Stephen Kline
L. & N. Andreas Foundation
Alan A. & Mary Linda Luhring
Karen and Joeseph Lutt
Mark Mackenzie
Daniel & Karissa Mackin
Mr. Mark Magaldi
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Maloney
Nona & William Mansfield
Bella Mariamichele Mody
Beth & Tim Mazzola
Courtney & Robert McDonald
Robert and Lauir McNown Charitable Fund

$1,000 – $9,999

Francy Milner
Mr. Carl Mohr
Chad Molter
Robin Moskal
Dirk & Annette Mueller
Sarah Nuese
Robert Pelz Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. William Pizzi
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pozzi
Jonathan and Ariel Quinn
Alfred and Becky Sawatzky
The Schollmaier Family Fund
The Schwall Charitable Fund
Ms. Paula Sewall & Mr. Raymond Snead
Daniel & Patricia Shea
David Shelly
Gerry Stellern
Herbert and Peggy Stockham Foundation
Joshua Taillon & Raina Taillon
Edward Theiss
Freyja and Lee Troop
Carol A. Tyger
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Valent
Van Helden Family Charitable Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Van Matre
The Waldman Family Charitable Trust
Williamson Family Giving Fund
Lawrence A & Nancy Pinney Wojcik

Agency Partners

We are grateful for this special group of agency partners with whom we collaborate to reach more people, connect clients with additional services and create community connections.

Boulder Community Health
Boulder County Farmers’ Market
Boulder Food Rescue
Boulder Valley School District
Bridge House
Bridge to Justice

Blossom Brokerage
City of Boulder Community Court
Community Food Share
Department of Veterans Affairs
Earth’s Table
Focus Reentry

Growing Gardens
Homeless Cares
Mental Health Partners
Via Mobility Services

Full Plate Club

Full Plate Club is a special group of supporters who have chosen to donate monthly.

Mrs. Julie Andresen
Patrick Angello
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Archer
Jonna Augustine
Mrs. & Dr. Thomas Ball
Ms. Gina Barajas
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Barela
Joseph Bellipanni
Veronica Bierbaum
Ms. Joan Bleacher
Mrs. H Elizabeth Boselli
Ms. Jeanette Bowles
Aaron & Angela Brandt
Cheryl & Jeff Brasen
Ms. Sarah Budinger
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Cannella
Jeffrey Carius
Janet Chadwick
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Chadwick
Martin Chamorro
David & Jane Chicoine
Tracy Clement
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Coats
Kristan Corwin
Jack & Betty Cox
Madison Daniel
Dr. Emily Riley Dellarippa
Steven DeWitt
Andrew & Kerstin Dickson
Robert Dietz
Karen Donnelly
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dooley
Matthew & Mary Alisa Duchek
Mr. Scott Filippini
Joshua Firestone
Ms. Lois Flavin

Ms. Kerry Floyd
Ms J Louise Fordyce
Sharon & Pat Fraser
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Freece
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond French
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gansecki
Mr. Jacob Garren
Ms. Virginia Gebhart
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gribbon
Thomas W. Christopher & Patricia L. Guilbeault
Mr. Evan Gustafson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hagerty
Brendan Heffernan
Trent & Stephanie Hein
Patrick & Michelle Hillmeyer
Douglas Hinz
Patricia Hood
Dr. Marilyn Hughes Blackmon
Mr. Raymond Huntington
Kaitlin Johnson
Irma Jooss
Steve and Carol Jordan
Ms. Mary Jungerman
Kelly Kaoudis
Michael Kavulich
Mr. Lewis Kendall
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Kiklis
Michael King & Diana King
Mr. Timothy Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Kopp
Mr. Andrew Kren
Mr. & Mrs. Karel Kriz
Raymond & Lynanne Kunkel
Hallie Larson
Mr. & Mrs. George Lederle

Mr. Bryan Lubeck
Karen and Joeseph Lutt
Mrs. Constance Mackin
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Maloney
Ms. Jacquelyn Mannhard
Courtney & Robert McDonald
Paul Medina
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Meier
Ms. Jennifer Melcher
Catherine Meschler
Francy Milner
Evelyn Moritz
Robin Moskal
Dirk & Annette Mueller
Geri Nelson
Mary Kay Nolan
Sarah Nuese
Dr. Thomas O’Brien
Michael & Leslie O’Kane
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Orourke
Henry & Julie Paddock
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Pellouchoud
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. William Pizzi
Ms. Joan Podolak
Mr. William Pollauf
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pozzi
Shirley Pratt
Ariel and Jonathan Quinn
Ms. Anne A Quinn
Dr. Leonardo Ranzani
Ms. Joan Rasmussen
Margaret Riedel
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Roble
Vern Rogowski

Alexandra Roling
Patrick M & Leslie M Rowe
Ms. Mary Savory
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schwall
Ms. Patricia Sewall
Ms. Paula Sewall & Mr. Raymond Snead
Ms. Jean Shea
Mr. & Mrs. Andre Sredojevic
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Steffl
Ms. Helen Stella
Gerry Stellern
Susan R Stephens
Sarah Stevenson
Larry Stuckey II
Mr. Tony Sweeney
Joshua Taillon & Raina Taillon
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thabault
The Davis Family Charitable Fund
Hixson Family Charitable Fund
Mr. & Mrs. William Thurmes
Mrs. Grace Tomich
Carol Tuttle
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Valent
Henri and Irene Van Helden
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Van Matre
Andrew Volent
Mr. George Weber
Cara Welker
Lauren Wood
Steve Grad & Jacqueline Wrun
Mary and Dennis Zoglo

Our 2023 Board

Trent Hein
Board Chair

Karen Donnelly

Erin Smith

Polly Buster

Becky Farr

Emma Griffey

Dean Hazelwood